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Deborah and I met 4 years ago at a professional networking event and it took me no time at all to recognize what a breath of fresh air she is! She provides a unique combination of intellect, credentialing, hands-on experience, personality, and service-driven leadership that is critically needed by most companies today, to drive change and increase the value they provide internal as well as external customers. Deb works beautifully on her own or as part of a collaborative team, and is highly valued in cross-functional environments that touch many/all parts of the business. If you find that doing your best isn’t good enough, please contact Deborah. There is no way you can be anything but thrilled with the quality and value for which she is well-known and respected.

Koko Tzavaras, Executive Recruiter, Tennison Group
Posted on August 11, 2015 with Comments Off on Koko Tzavaras

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