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Organizational Network Analysis

Turning Intuition Into Science

Organization Network Analysis (ONA) or Social Network Analysis (SNA)—employs both macro- and microanalysis to give you a systems view of the workplace. The process is simple for you and requires only minimal employee time commitment of about ten to fifteen minutes.

Start with ONA to discover how information flows in your organization.  Find the shadow organization that reveals how the organization really functions. Expect proven results like these, as reported from clients:

  • Savings of $3 million in retention and rehiring
  • Sustained decrease in turnover from 17% to nearly 0% in two years
  • 50% reduction in merger integration costs
  • Increase in employee engagement of 35% – direct impact on productivity/revenue
  • Faster acceptance of change initiatives and improved efficiency of business processes
  • Identification of organization resiliency
  • Identification of change agents to speed acceptance of change initiatives
  • Identification of emerging leaders and key influencers across the organization

The data gathered in the analysis can facilitate the following powerful benefits to your organization:

  • Accelerate mergers and acquisitions, and ensure successful change initiatives
  • Increase employee collaboration, trust, and communication, and create more profitable customer relationships
  • Lower restructuring/change/integration time and costs
  • Facilitate “right-sizing:” helping you to develop and retain top talent and critical know-how, and develop effective teams
  • Objective succession planning
  • Creates an organization road map for tactical and strategic planning
  • Objective measure of organization changes
  • Leadership Development
  • Solutions that stick


Expect rich information and powerful insights through:

  • Minimal employee time—easy, automated online access takes only about 10 – 15 minutes for each employee
  • Access to critical, objective information you never had before
  • A systems view: provides the ability to understand the entire organization and what’s going on at the management level and with individual contributors
  • Identifies the key people who influence your organization including change agents, rising starts, and emerging leaders
  • Identifies the powerful and influential shadow organization that already exists
  • Measures change

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Employee Assessment Tools

Why use Employee Assessment Tools for your business needs?

Employee assessment tools (AKA Psychological Assessments) are becoming increasingly important to many business leaders to make important business decisions for hiring, promoting or developing the right people for specific jobs.

Business leaders recognize they need qualified professionals that are certified to recommend and analyze the results of the assessments and experienced enough to evaluate and apply the results.  Seity interprets the nuance between the objective results and the qualitative information that supports it.

Seity Insight can support your employment assessment needs

Seity Insight is certified to utilize many assessments including but not limited to:

  • Reveal from Hiring Indicators (competency-based multi-measure assessment)
  • Customer 360 surveys/assessments
  • Hogan Assessments
  • CPP Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQi)
  • Predictive Index (PI)

Others are available as well (e.g. DISC, any public instrument).

Employee assessment tools for Executive selection

We have been very successful supporting organizations with executive selection using the Hogan assessment suite that offers a leadership profile, values/motivators and derailers – the behaviors that will cause the leader to have an issue and derail his/her career. Seity has developed a process to write an individual report that takes the results of the assessments, matches the behaviors of the individual to the competencies of the job description provided by the organization, provide a data validation point to the leadership competency profile offered by Hogan and any other data the client offers. Seity reviews the analysis with the client about the candidate. If multiple candidates are evaluated, a ranking is provided for the client to make a decision.

Employee assessment tools for development purposes

Often leaders who are ready for the next step in their career or who might be stagnating in their current position turn to assessments to gain insight and awareness about their behavior and find more meaning about what they can do as a leader.

Assessments are a source of objective data to make decisions and create actions plans based on the assessment output. Seity Insight has the experience and background to guide the individual to use the output effectively and build development plans. We will work with the individual/organization to select the appropriate tool for their development.

Employee assessment tools for engagement measurement

There are many engagement tools available on the market today. Seity Insight works with organizations to develop engagement surveys that meet the needs of the organization. We can develop them from scratch or administer, evaluate, and analyze the results of the survey that you have already used.

We are experts in analyzing quantitative and qualitative data results and interpreting what it means for your organization. We will provide suggestions, recommendations and create reports that meet your needs. We can also work with you to identify the top action steps you need to take to increase engagement in your organization.


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IT Services

Keeping it All Together

Business Continuity Solutions are important for businesses of any size. Your company relies on IT in some way to support your customers and employees. Seity insight offers IT services for small companies that can’t afford IT staff or need a special project done while your staff is busy with everyday IT support for your business.

We offer support, expertise, and skills for the following 

  • Windows platforms and workstations
  • Server support
  • FreeBSD and Ubuntu
  • Hardware and Software installation and upgrades
  • Troubleshooting for hardware, software, and network
  • Special project implementations (e.g. reconfiguration of local area network)
  • Audit of your current IT environment
  • Documentation of network configuration
  • Recommendations for hardware, software and network design
  • Remote monitoring
  • Software and Hardware inventory
  • Backups
  • Automated Microsoft Windows patch management and critical operating system updates
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware with automated threat updates
  • Wireless set-up

Security Solutions 

We partner with Arrakis Consulting which offers overall solutions to security problems.

  • Information Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Compliance and CISO as a service
  • Engineering, Architecture, Design
  • Hosting and Policy Creation and Review

For more details and information about Arrakis Consulting visit their website.


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