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Seity Insight Leadership

Dr. Deborah Peck, Ph.D.

Photo of Seity Insight's Founder, Deborah Peck, Ph. D.

President & Founder

Deborah Peck, Ph.D., President and Founder of Seity Insight, Inc., has a broad background in business practices, technology, leadership and human behavior. Dr. Peck has worked in organizations from small to large and across multiple industries. She offers decades of experience in business and data network engineering in venture funded start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. She held management positions in many companies and industries. This combined background and education influences her systems perspective and learning organization techniques to create business results and improve productivity in any organization.

Dr. Peck holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Computer Science and earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology while building Seity Insight.  She uses her research on trust in leaders from an employee perspective to bring insight and value to organizations.

Having taught at the undergraduate and graduate level for 6 years, she brings an understanding of academic research and scientific methods coupled with her business and technical background as a credible foundation to the workplace. She applies models and research that are effective for leaders and businesses to learn new methods that address issues they face today and capitalize on their most important assets, their people, while improving the bottom line.

Dr. Peck is a member of several organizations including ACG, SIOP, AZ Tech Council, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, IMC, and E-Women’s Network. She serves on the board for the local chapter of IMC and is an active participant for several committees for the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and AZ Tech Council. Dr. Peck has been a speaker for many events and organizations including the SIOP and ODN conferences, Project Management Institute, IMC-AZ and Arizona Council of Engineering and Scientific Associations. She has been featured in Scottsdale at Work and Arizona Women magazines.

Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh, Ph.D.

Psychology Consultant

Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh is Principal, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant, and Negotiation & Executive Coach at TurnBoot Organizational Excellence. He is also Founder & CEO of The Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting (SEBOC). He has served a variety of national and international organizations, ranging from just a few to over 10,000 employees.

Dr. Lucabaugh applies the latest workplace and human behavior science to the toughest workplace challenges. He coaches using proven psychology and FBI communication/negotiation principles and techniques, as well as robust psychological and cognitive assessments. – Over 20 years of experience serving (internally and externally) a variety of organizations and CEOs (Biotech & Pharma, Aerospace & Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare, Social/Community, Construction/Manufacturing, Architecture, Retail, Logistics/Wholesale, Tech Start-Ups +).

His focus areas include executive coaching, negotiation, communication skills, selection and personality assessments, family business conflict & planning, data collection, interpretation, & analysis, employee performance and retention, employee training, and leadership development. His credentials and qualifications for science-based assessments include Hogan, 16PF, Caliper, Kolbe, Leadership 360, DISC, MBTI, Big 5, Watson-Glasser, and more. He’s an expert at using workplace assessments with strong psychometric properties to drive employee selection, development, and organizational decision-making. He has developed corporate leadership, onboarding and communication programs, as well as employee engagement, culture and time management systems. He has owned other businesses in both management consulting and the wholesale food industry.

In addition to his corporate experience, as a professor, he has taught Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral students in industrial/organizational psychology, leading organizational change, corporate training and development, workplace motivation and attitudes, organizational behavior and management, leadership and supervision styles, and organizational culture. He has also created statistics, research methods, leadership, psychology, and human resources courses for both national and international clients.

His critical conversations and negotiation coaching, analysis of personality through psychometric assessments, supervisor and team workshops, executive coaching, and engagement systems have resulted in observable behavioral change, enhanced corporate culture, and increased retention.

Dr. Lucabaugh is host of the #1 Industrial/Organizational Psychology podcast worldwide: WorkCookie. He is author of the study Organizational Socialization Training (OST), Tenure, and Predicting Organizational Commitment, available from ProQuest.