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Corporate reorganization is triggered by leadership transition, changes in the business, acquisitions, poor performance, and many other reasons. It has become a common place method and action that manager’s take. It is so common place that organizations and people within organizations expect leaders to make organization changes on a regular basis as part of decision making and sometimes without an explanation. It is just expected to happen, especially whenever a leader is promoted or moved to another organization.

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managing trustTrust is a vital component in the success of an organization.  A study by Deloitte covering over 100 mid-sized firms in both US and the UK revealed that 90% of employees who left their job cited breach of trust as the main reason. Similarly, 65% of the American workforce employed are actively job hunting for their next position according to Forbes. Trust is needed in every aspect of performance in an organization and affects many aspects ranging from increased productivity, efficient management, job satisfaction, employee engagement and staff development. However, when there is organizational change trust becomes the most important aspect of a company to ensure the change succeeds.

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Posted by admin On August - 18 - 2015 Organizational Change

networking and mergingLet’s make sure this merger works! But how? Find the power networks in your organization. All the reasons you have to acquire or merge with another company can fall apart just because of power networks. Do you have confidence in the operational due diligence? How can you make changes that will stick? How can you lower costs of integration and save time? If you are considering acquiring or merging with another company or combining/restructuring organizations or departments, you must find the power networks that will make or break the transaction.

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Posted by admin On March - 31 - 2013 Organizational Change Organizational Effectiveness