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innovative leaderInnovation requires curiosity. Curiosity involves inquiry. Inquiry uses questions – The Language of an Innovative Leader. When we as leaders stop asking questions because we think we are the experts, we stifle creativity and innovation.

Does being an innovative leader matter? If you are a leader that influences the results of a company, and are responsible for growth and a competitive advantage, then innovation is key to your success. Especially in this case, but even to be a leader others will follow – don’t focus on being in charge, being right, being the smartest in the room, or having all the answers. It is okay to ask questions – especially as a leader. It is not a sign of weakness as a leader; it is a sign of strength.

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Posted by admin On November - 10 - 2015 Communication Leadership

effective communication“Ninety-seven percent of executives and managers say their communication to subordinates is clear, understandable, consistent and direct” (NFI Research Survey). If you are reading this and at least chuckling, join the crowd. There are so many things that leaders must be aware of, be doing or learn to do better. Maybe they assume that as long as they are sending emails or telling their organization about the latest change or idea they will pursue that counts as effective communication. Well, it is one form of communication: one-way. After all, they are too busy doing all the other things to worry or care whether their message is received and understood, but they assume it is. According to this research, the majority think their communication is effective. Yet it is one of the number one complaints or reasons I am asked to work with an organization.

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Posted by admin On October - 6 - 2015 Communication Leadership