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Succession Planning

How a retiring CEO in a medium-sized financial services company finally chose the right direct report to succeed him using Organization Network Analysis.
Business Succession Planning Services


A CEO in a medium-sized financial services company wanted to retire and to choose the company’s next CEO. He initially relied on traditional succession methods to making the decision, based on his own subjective evaluation and knowledge of his direct reports. He promoted executive #031 (see map below). Unbeknownst to him executive #063 wanted the promotion, but never told him, and he overlooked her. She then left the organization. Within a year, the organization fell apart, forcing the CEO to return to save the company and pick another successor once things again became stable.



On this second round, the CEO relied upon an Organization Network Analysis (ONA) to capture the connections of his executive team, and to answer why he initially made the hiring mistake. He wanted to know how to prevent another wrong hire and more company disruption when he chose a secondary replacement.



The assessment mapping helped the CEO clarify what was happening within the organizational network, and allowed him to more quickly get the company functioning again. With access to the assessment’s informed, objective information about which executive was most involved and vital in the organization, he pinpointed #051 as the executive with the most impact, and promoted him as his best successor.


Do you know enough about how your organization functions and what will happen if you place the wrong people in positions of importance?

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