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What do you do when your organization includes separate operating companies with a common corporate history, yet none of its individual company cultures and strategic plans are coordinated across the whole organization? What if the situation involves numerous leaders, each with their own style of managing their company’s culture, yet few bring strategic-thinking skills to the table, at least beyond their own company boundary? With no hard data to show senior management what’s really going on, and outside economic factors causing change, does this situation seem insurmountable? Would you find it hard to wrap your mind, let alone your business practices, around it?



Seity involved one hundred and twenty leaders across the organization in the analysis. This included a meeting with senior executives to define questions, and cost only an average of fifteen minutes of other employees’ time to answer them. The online survey stayed open for two and a half weeks, and reached a 100 percent response rate.




Seity received many favorable responses from the leaders. Most of them expressed excitement at having access to objective data to help them sort through intangible information which, before, they could manage only through intuition. They appreciated working with a scientifically based process offering leverage points/details on how, where, and why to make changes in the organization.

The ONA assessment helped Company X make the intuitive, scientific. It made the company’s culture visual by identifying key players who could either hinder or advance efforts, and helped management understand what actions to take.


What about your strategy? Are you confident it’s moving you in the right direction?

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