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What We Do

Seity Insight works with organizations using a systems perspective and offers solutions that respond to the unique issues of the organization.

  • We work with people throughout the organization to increase effectiveness, build trust, and improve performance results.
  • We offer methods to provide a competitive advantage for our clients.
  • Methods are tailored to the clients’ needs and business objectives.
  • We have over 25 years in organizational improvement methods that focus on business results.

Our Mission

“Collaborate with individuals and organizations to enhance business

effectiveness through people”

Seity Insight is an organizational management consulting company working with individuals at all levels to improve value in the workplace. Established in 1999, Seity Insight has earned credibility as a results-based organization providing custom services to companies large and small across several industries. Our methods emphasize a ’whole system’ view of business performance focusing on the effectiveness of people resources – the human capital. This systems perspective uses a participative, proactive approach to business issues and opportunities rather than a reactive, quick fix.


  • Successful mergers and acquisitions
  • Reduce resistance to change
  • Increase collaboration
  • Effective communication
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Culture change and sustainability
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce turnover
Deborah Peck has provided us with advice which has been very beneficial to our company. She is a true expert in her field and has provided a friendly efficient service. I am grateful we found Deborah. I would recommend Deborah as a professional who consistently produces excellent work and in accordance with our commitments and expectations. I have found her to be direct and thorough in seeking the necessary information needed, and very creative in drafting the resulting product.
Susanna Durazo, HR Manager, Technology Staffing Solutions, LLC